Socialization Service

Full Day Visit  $45 per dog/per day

Five Day Trip  $210, save $15

Ten Day Trip   $400, save $50



24 hours’ notice must be given for any cancellation or change from any pre booked day. A ‘no-show‘ will still incur the fee that otherwise would have been payable

All payments must be made in advance or by the due invoice date. Any overdue payments may occur penalties or may be forwarded to our debt collector. 

Please note if your account is overdue your pooch may not be collected on their normal day. 

Paddock Adventures  $20 
(Temporarily unavailable)

To compliment your pooches day out we are now offering a special service where your pooches get to enjoy a structured and safe walk with one of their favorite hooman handlers in the safety of our beautiful backyard paddock. Bookings are essential as spots are limited. This can be booked online through our customer portal or email info@pucci.nz.


Home Away From Home  $55 per dog/per day 

($80 on Public holidays)


This includes:​

  • Daycare/walks

  • One on one training

  • Food

  • Bedding

  • Free range of our home away from home enjoying the creature comforts.

  • School bus (please see conditions below)


Please note:

  • This service is for Pucci customers ONLY.

  • Day of check in is counted as one day.

  • Day of check out : if collected/dropped off by 10am there will be no charge. If collected/dropped off after. 10am, an additional days charge may occur.

  • Please note we do not charge based on 24 hours, it is per dog per day.

  • Last day of stay is also charged at $55.

  • As this is a home environment we are selective on the pooches we take in.

  • Dogs must be spayed/neutered.

  • As we take small numbers at a time, this is a highly booked out service so booking in advance is essential to avoid disappointment.

  • School bus service runs Monday-Friday ( In the areas that we service ) If we cannot collect your pooch on the required day due to it being out of the area that we service that day, we may arrange a drop off and pick up at our location at a selected time.

  • We do not allow pick ups or drop offs on the weekend, all pooches must come and go either side of the weekend.

  • We are closed on Public holidays for drop offs and pick ups. Public holidays are $80 per day.

    To find out further details please send us an email to info@pucci.nz


Additional services : Nail Trimming $25

Please book this through your customer portal or email info@pucci.nz



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