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Socialisation Service

Full Day : $55       5 Trip : $250       10 trip : $490


A day out for your best friend where they will learn and thrive in a safe and loving environment. At Pucci we provide a structured daycare, providing guidance and leadership. We work with our pooches each visit, teaching them the basics and life skills needed to succeed in the real world. Daily activities include things such as, sit, down, stay, come, lead work, calm and relaxation and socialisation.


Additional Services
Nail Trim $29



All payments are to be made in advance or on the day your pooches attend. We accept online payments only. Automatic payments are welcomed for weekly payments. Any over due accounts will incur a late fee. All payments to be made with reference. 

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Opening hours: Monday - Friday : 7am-5.30pm        Contact:        Contact phone number: Available on request

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