Please note: Pucci is almost fully booked out and we only have a select few spots left on certain days.

We have a waiting list for all new enrollments.

Socialisation Service

Full Day : $55       5 Trip : $250       10 trip : $490


A day out for your best friend where they will learn and thrive in a safe and loving environment. At Pucci we provide a structured daycare, providing guidance and leadership. We work with our pooches each visit, teaching them the basics and life skills needed to succeed in the real world. Daily activities include things such as, sit, down, stay, come, lead work, calm and relaxation and socialisation.

Home Away From Home

 $65 : Per dog, per day

Pucci home away from home is unique service dedicated to our Pucci family. We offer a unique home stay service where your pooches get to enjoy the creature comforts alongside our family. We only take a small group of pooches at a time, so bookings are limited and essential.    


This includes:​

  • Daycare/walks

  • One on one training

  • Food

  • Bedding

  • Free range of our home away from home enjoying the creature comforts.

  • All our pooches sleep inside our personal home.

  • School bus (please see conditions below)


Please note:

  • This service is for Pucci customers ONLY.

  • Day of check in is counted as one day no matter what time your pooch joins us.

  • Please note we do not charge based on 24 hours; it is per dog per day.

  • Last day of stay is also charged at $65, Monday-Sunday.

  • If your pooch is leaving from their stay in the morning by 10am either via our bus service or collection, there will not be a full day charge, however there will be a minimum charge of $25 for the morning stay.

  • As this is a home environment, we are selective on the pooches we take.

  • Dogs must be spayed/neutered.

  • As we take small numbers at a time, this is a highly booked out service so booking in advance is essential to avoid disappointment.

  • School bus service runs Monday-Friday (In the areas that we service) If we cannot collect your pooch on the required day due to it being out of the area that we service that day, we may arrange a drop off and pick up at our location at a selected time.

  • We do not allow pick-ups or drop offs on the weekend, all pooches must come and go either side of the weekend.

  • We are closed on public holidays for drop offs and pick-ups.

  • Public holidays are $90 per day.

  • If your pooch has a sensitive stomach, we request that you provide their own special food. Please only send the amount required for their stay.

  • It is at your discretion what you would like to send along on your pooches stay, we are happy for their own creature comforts to come along such as their bed.

  • Please do not send along the following: leads, harnesses, toys or chew Treats.

  • Late cancellations may result in a late cancellation fee.

  • To find out further details please send us an email to



Additional Services
Nail Trim $29



All payments are to be made in advance or on the day your pooches attend. We accept online payments only. Automatic payments are welcomed for weekly payments. Any over due accounts will incur a late fee. All payments to be made with reference. 

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