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Pucci is a family business owned by Anna & Jesse. Pucci has been created through an immense love of our four legged friends. We have created a relaxing, fun, stimulating, safe and loving environment for your pooches to learn and play the day away and make friends for life.


At Pucci we believe that dogs succeed best when they are in a structured environment. To achieve a calm balance in our packs all dogs that come to Pucci receive basic training. Pucci dogs learn basics like sit, down, stay, come and most importantly, exercises to help dogs learn impulse and excitement control at no extra cost. We do this so the dogs know what’s expected at Pucci and they can enjoy their time with us knowing we actively structure our packs and advocate for all our dogs to be able to enjoy their time with us. Your pooch can participate in group play, hang out with us or just lounge around as they wish. This helps with their physical wellbeing as well as providing stimulation for their mental health. Dogs being highly social animals enjoy these chances to form strong social bonds, socialise and interact with others.


Our different play areas provide many options for our four legged friends to explore and be entertained and when they just want to chill out there are lots of chairs and couches, beds and perches to hang out on. Each of our different play areas is securely contained with high fencing and our staff enter and exit by the way of a double gate system to ensure security and safety at all times. Fresh water is always available at many places around our doggy play areas. A strict cleaning procedure is in place to ensure high levels of hygiene at all times.

Here are the areas dedicated to the different personalities that our pooches have at Pucci Land:

*Little Buds, an exciting area set up for our smaller pooch family.

*Big Blossoms, an area specifically for the big, robust and outgoing pooches.
*The Bunch, an area for both big and small pooches to mingle

*The Free Range Posse, an area where your pooches have the option of catching some rays and playing outside in the fresh air. This is a secure outside space created to provide your pooch with a natural environment to play the day away. This includes paddling pools, obstacles to play on, couches and furniture to relax on.

Would your pooch like to come hang out at Pucci?

To join our family we will arrange a meet and greet prior with our main dog handler to get to know one another. In this meet and greet we will assess your pooch and decide if we think he/she will fit into our Pucci family.

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Opening hours: 

Monday - Friday : 7am-5.30pm