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Pucci is a family owned business created through the immense love for our 4 legged friends. At Pucci we specialise in dog socialization, in a safe, structured, stimulating, fun and loving environment.


At Pucci we believe that dogs succeed best when they are in a structured environment. To achieve a calm balance in our packs all dogs that come to Pucci receive basic training. Pucci dogs learn basics like sit, down, stay, come and most importantly exercises to help dogs learn impulse and excitement control at no extra cost. We do this so the dogs know what’s expected at Pucci and they can enjoy their time with us knowing we actively structure our packs and advocate for all our dogs to be able to enjoy their time with us. Your pooch can participate in group play, hang out with us or just lounge around as they wish. This helps with their physical wellbeing as well as providing stimulation for their mental health. Dogs being highly social animals enjoy these chances to form strong social bonds, socialise and interact with others.


Our different play areas provide options for our four legged friends to explore and be entertained and when they just want to chill out there are lots of chairs and couches, beds and perches to hang out on. Each of our different play areas are securely contained within high fencing areas and our staff enter and exit by the way of a double gate system to ensure security and safety at all times. Fresh water is always available at many places around our yard areas. Pucci has a very strict cleaning procedure in place to ensure high levels of hygiene at all times. We also pride ourselves in high hygiene standards for all our staff.

Play areas

  • Two large out door play areas that have been custom built to cater to our pooches both big and small. 

  • Two large in door play areas, that have been custom built from what once was a house, so it is very homely. The first play area is found on our lower level, that is home to our Big Blossoms. We have another big play area found on our top level, dedicated to our Little buddies, this even comes with their own fire place and balcony! 

  • Pooches will put put into groups according to size and temperament.

Pucci's Bus Service

Due to our location all pooches must be collected and dropped off by our bus service, saving you all the hassle and work. Unfortunately we do not allow drop offs and pick ups from our location. Due to this service all pooches attending Pucci must come at least once a week on a permanent basis. This is so that we can run an efficient and safe service for your pooches to thrive in. We have four buses that service the Hutt Valley, fitted out with custom made cages for the safety of our riders. All our vans are equipped with emergency equipment so that if there was to be an emergency situation we have sufficient first response equipment immediately on hand. All pooches who attend at Pucci will be trained and taught our van "etiquette". For further information on our bus service please check out the tab above, "The Bus".

How to enroll you pooch

Please click on the Enrollment tab above, this will give you all the information you need for your pooch to enroll at Pucci.


Check out our "A day in the life on Pucci" so we can show you how its done... 


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Opening hours: Monday - Friday : 7am-5.30pm        Contact:        Contact phone number: Available on request

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